How to Join

There are only a few important conditions to becoming a Freemason:

  • That you are a male and over the age of 21 (the son of a Mason may join from 18 years)
  • That you believe in a Supreme Being (this is up to you to define what your belief is, and is of no concern to us)
  • That you wish to join on your own accord and are not influenced by anyone or unworthy motives

If you know someone who is already a Freemason, contact them and tell them you are interested. If you don’t know anyone who is a Freemason you can get in contact using the Contact page, we will endeavour to answer any questions and will guide you further on becoming a member.

If you do decide you would like to become a Freemason you will need to complete an application form. Your application is then reviewed by a membership committee and you or your partner/family will meet with some members of the lodge for a chat.

Once your application is accepted you will then be able to ‘petition’ the lodge, we will then hold a ballot to vote on your petition for membership. When you are accepted, you will attend a Lodge meeting and take part in a ceremony where you will be initiated as a Brother among Freemasons.

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