And it’s back!!

The Travelling Gavel has once again found a home at Browns Bay Lodge no. 346! The gavel was challenged last night with a 14 strong deputation visiting Belmont Albion Lodge no. 45

The gavel was introduced to encourage visiting between lodges and has certainly fulfilled its purpose. The gavel started at the Ara Lodge and was quickly taken by Belmont Albion. Shortly afterwards, it was then taken by Lodge North Harbour and quickly followed by the Lodge of Enlightenment. On the 1st of May, Browns Bay took it home with them from the Lodge of Enlightenment.

During our meeting in May, the gavel was challenged and taken by Belmont Albion once again. Provided the efforts of our 14 brethren last night, the gavel is now back home with us, and cannot be taken at our meeting this month as it is our Installation. We fully expect a strong challenge from multiple lodges come the 19th of July when we conduct a 1st degree.



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